Retail Space Management System - GapMap

About the system

The system was created for Zielonogórski Rynek Rolno-Towarowy S.A. (Poland) to streamline the management and sale of spaces during the weekly Sunday Market. We designed the solution to allow personalization and adaptation to the needs of various companies that rely on space management and sales.

To whom do we dedicate the system?

The space management system can be used in the following businesses and industries:

  • Wholesale Markets
  • Fairs and exhibitions
  • Event and conference organization

The system assists in organizing commercial space through a map editor, which enables the division of space into areas, and areas into partitions or booths. The system assists in organizing commercial space through a map editor, which enables the division of space into areas and areas into partitions or booths.

Additionally, each area or booth can be assigned the appropriate assortment and access to utilities, making it easier to sell commercial spaces and manage them.

System features

The solution consists of three integrated parts: the administrative panel, the portal for exhibitors, and the tablet application.

1. Administrative panel

This tool is intended for operators and facility administrators, allowing them to move the facility into a virtual space and manage it.

  • Visualization of space and division into areas, buildings, or parcels using a map editor.
  • Event planning and addition to the interactive calendar.
  • Creation and review of reports in a comprehensive format.
  • Assignment of tasks to specific employees.
  • Blocking exhibitors who violate the rules or have not settled their payments.
  • Collector work monitoring.
  • Access to exhibitor information and creation of new profiles.
  • Review of all documents and invoices in one place.

2. Exhibitor portal

This portal is where exhibitors can select the appropriate exhibition space and make purchases.

  • The ability to purchase a booth for an extended period through a subscription option.
  • One-time purchases of selected exhibition space.
  • Access to an interactive calendar with information about upcoming events at a specific location.
  • Payment control option.
  • Vacation planning feature.

3. Tablet application

The tablet application is a convenience for facility employees responsible for monitoring booths.

  • The ability to make one-time booth sales during the event.
  • Booth verification option.
  • Access to information about all booths and payments.
  • Charge penalties and fees

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What will you gain from implementation?

Better event organization and planning

The system features an interactive calendar function, allowing for the scheduling of recurring events. Planned events are visible to exhibitors in the portal, giving them insight into the event schedule and the ability to choose the event for which they want to reserve a booth.

Ability to purchase spaces online

Through integration with electronic payment systems, exhibitors have the convenient option to purchase commercial spaces online.

Automatic generation of sales documents

Through integration with financial and accounting systems, the system automatically generates sales documents, streamlining the fee calculation process and eliminating the need for duplicate data entry.

Electronic documentation management

The system enables the management of all documentation, such as orders, reservations, invoices, and tickets, in an online format. This eliminates the need to maintain a large number of paper documents, saving space and reducing the risk of loss or damage.

Efficient space management

One of the system's functionalities is extensive Business Intelligence reports that help manage commercial space more efficiently. The system also allows for the definition of variables, such as additional fees, utility charges, and seasonal pricing for assortments or booths.

Increased control over the work of collectors

GapMap provides full online control over the work of collectors during events. The application includes a tool that monitors the progress of each collector's work in real-time and presents detailed statistics for each commercial booth.

Precise booth pricing

The system enables the calculation of additional fees and utility charges defined by the organizer individually for each commercial booth. This allows organizers to precisely calculate additional costs for each partition, making exhibition space pricing easier and eliminating the risk of unforeseen additional expenses.

Ability to purchase one-time booths directly from collectors during the event

Participants have the option to purchase one-time booths during the event directly from collectors, increasing convenience and flexibility for potential exhibitors.

Our implementations of the GapMap

  • Zielonogórski Rynek Rolno-Towarowy S.A.
  • Pomorskie Hurtowe Centrum Rolno-Spożywcze S.A. (in progress)

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