Case study of implementation at ZRRT S.A.

The Zielonogórski Rynek Rolno-Towarowy S.A. based in Zielona Góra, Poland is the largest wholesale market in the Lubusz Voivodeship. The flagship initiative of the market is the weekly Sunday Market, during which nearly 500 stands are available for exhibitors from various industries, including clothing, industrial, horticultural, food, and gastronomy.


The idea for the system was born at ZRRT S.A. with the idea of modernizing services, coinciding with the onset of the pandemic, which accelerated the decision to create a solution and created a real need. The client was thinking of creating an electronic tool to help manage the Sunday market and perform economic analysis. It was particularly important to him that the solution allow exhibitors to purchase booths online, something that had previously only been done on-site.

The need for exhibitors to come to the office, especially during the pandemic period, caused considerable inconvenience and required more logistics to meet sanitary requirements. Therefore, the demand for an alternative payment method also emerged from buyers.

One of the challenges facing the market was also the issue of area control and tolling system.

ZRRT S.A. considered choosing an off-the-shelf solution, but ultimately decided to develop a dedicated system due to the possibility of further expansion and integration with other systems the market already had, such as InsERT's finance and accounting system or those planned for future implementation.


We began our collaboration with Zielonogórski Rynek Rolno-Towarowy S.A. after signing an agreement to design, develop, and implement the e-Giełda system.

Our work on the system started with a pre-implementation analysis process, during which we defined the project by mapping the processes occurring during the organization of the Sunday Market and building the solution's architecture. In the next stage, we prepared a mock-up of the application in such a way that its color scheme was consistent with the visual identity and the existing website of ZRRT S.A. In the following steps, our development team focused on programming, followed by a testing phase – first in the GAMP Data Center test environment and then in the client's production environment.


The system designed to streamline the management of the market consists of three integrated parts:

1. Administrative panel - Tools for operators and administrators, enabling, among other things:

  • Visualization of the space and division into areas, buildings, or plots using a map editor
  • Planning events in an interactive calendar
  • Creating pricing policies through an implemented periodic pricing system
  • Issuing sales documents
  • Managing the vacation policy of a specific contractor
  • System configuration
  • Generating reports
  • Access to information about exhibitors and payments
  • Monitoring the work of collectors

2. Tablet application – The application is connected to a fiscal printer, allowing collectors to, among other things:

  • Sell stands during events
  • Access all information about the stand and payments
  • Impose fines and fees

3. Seller's portal – A place for exhibitors through which they can, among other things:

  • Purchase a subscription for a selected stand
  • Make one-time stand purchases
  • Plan their vacations
  • Reserve stands
  • Access invoices

We designed a data exchange interface (API) through which we integrated the developed solution with the client's financial and accounting system, as well as with the PayU online payment system. We then migrated everything to the cloud in our Data Center.

Currently, ZRRT S.A. is using the tablet application and the administrative panel. The final stage of implementation will be launching the seller's portal, allowing them to purchase stands online and make electronic payments.

As part of the maintenance service, we provide system maintenance and technical support from our team (hotline and help desk) to address ongoing issues related to the application's operation.


The development team consisted of three senior full-stack developers, a junior back-end developer, a UX/UI designer, a project manager, a system analyst, and five testers. On the client's side, a team of six people works daily on organizing the Sunday Market.

Close collaboration with ZRRT S.A. was based on ongoing phone and email communication, as well as weekly project meetings where progress was presented. At each stage, the client's team provided feedback and raised issues that were discussed in subsequent meetings.

Thanks to our collaborative work on the project, our team gained a better understanding of the market's specific work, resulting in a significant expansion of the system's functionality compared to the initial project assumptions. As a result, ZRRT S.A. received a functional, intuitive, and user-friendly system tailored to the needs of those involved in organizing the Sunday Market.

Tomasz Czajkowski

President of Zielonogórski Rynek Rolno-Towarowy S.A.

"Flexibility and openness are things we highly value in our collaboration with GAMP. Both sides put a lot of effort and heart into this project, and we are very satisfied with the outcome. "

Małgorzata Skorodecka

Director of the Finance and Investment Office.

"Working on the system was an interesting experience for our employees, allowing us to broaden our horizons and see how a system is created "from the inside."


The previous implementation has brought the following benefits to ZRRT S.A.:

  • Faster customer service.
  • Streamlined work for employees, thanks to easy management of ticket sales and stands.
  • Greater control over stands and payments.
  • Minimized risk of errors through easy documentation management.
  • Increased employee satisfaction.
  • Reduced amount of paper documents through digitization.
  • Streamlined fee settlement and automatic invoicing through integration with the financial and accounting system.
  • Faster and easier sales process, with the ability to purchase one-time tickets from collectors during events.
  • Increased data security by moving the system to the cloud in GAMP Data Center.

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