Work organisation

Many interesting startups failed due to incorrect work organisation. Even if your team creates innovative solution which, in the opinion of yourself and the whole team, will soon change the surrounding world – even if it is only in the macro environment, and you pave the way and have neither support nor a person who you can follow, perfect work organisation is your main duty.

In our everyday work we use agile methods, such as Agile or V Model. We know that in practice it means that our projects are well-planned and managed.

Here, you can count on good communication between each and every member of our team as well as between the teams and companies comprising GaMP-Group

It also has influence on proper communication between GaMP and the clients. Such approach gives peace and stability of your work because you know everything will be appropriately documented and thoroughly tested.

To put it simple, you avoid chaos which most of all engages you and partly other team members and is the reason of failure of many projects. In our organisation we do not use the short way which comes down to permanent technical debt which can obviously be the side effect of the fast growth of many companies.





Here anyone can find own working place. Regardless if you have already started your bright career or if you are an experienced programmer who specializes in many programming languages.

Depending on the character of our project and technology or technologies used at the same time, our group has a demand for workers at a different level of professional advancement. Here you can your place both when there is still much work to be done ahead of you and when it is you who can become a mentor and teach others.


In GaMP you always work on specific projects for our Clients all over the world. Each of our projects has a defined beginning and an end. Our projects usually last from 6 to 9 months. What does it mean for you? First of all lack of stagnation and constant challenges because every now and then you will have a fresh start in a new project

Today you are working on an innovative project in ICT branch for our British Client (GaMP LTD) but in half a year you may join a team which develops a solution concerning MachineVision joining IoT technology with our Client’s ERP system in Poland (GaMP Polska). You can change the team during the project and join a team which works on a mobile application which will function in several countries in Europe or worldwide. Thanks to work in GaMP you will meet various clients, their needs as well as multiple markets.

It can always appear that suddenly, before you even notice, you will be working simultaneously on multiple projects with several Clients from various branches, for example one bigger and several smaller ones. Have you been wondering if it is possible? It is! Remember, that our teams organise their work well (check: Work organisation above) – you know now you will not have any difficulties with that.


Obviously such an arrangement may not suit everyone – in our teams there are also people who prefer to be involved in only one project from the very beginning to the very end. We respect such approach. If, however, you want to gain experience in diverse technological fields and independently define what kind of projects are of your biggest interest – GaMP is the place where you can achieve it quickly.

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